Leadership in Steel Technology:

Mukand is an integrated alloy and stainless steel producer from India. Mukand has a steel making and rolling capacity of 500,000 metric tons per year. Mukand produces over 400 grades of specially engineered steel to stringent requirements for customers across the globe.

Mukand Ltd.'s leadership in steel technology is built on a long history of pioneering, kept alive by adaptive absorption of advanced technology, sustained in-house research and development.

  • Was India's first steelmaker to successfully adopt the ‘continuous billet casting' technology using ‘F' type continuous casting machine, when this technology was in its infancy in the West.
  • Was also the first in India to successfully adopt the vacuum oxygen decarburisation technology for the manufacture of stainless steel.
  • First in the country to install an oxygen top and bottom blown converter for the manufacture of stainless steel, there being only three other plants in the world that used this technology.
  • Mukand's steel plant is the fourth in the world to introduce the ‘easy draw continuous cooling' system for wire rods.